New Project: Sales Acceleration

I’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy the summer break with my family and to think about the challenge. A lot of doubts have assaulted my head and heart, mainly regarding the validity of my approach and what to do next. If you are reading my emails, you know that I’ve struggled a bit […]

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New Project: Coworking Course

After two short projects in the challenge, it is time for another monthly undertaking. This time I will be preparing a coworking course that builds on and expands The Coworking Handbook. The book’s content is still 100% valid and applicable, but I can add extra knowledge from running Betacowork the years after I published the […]

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Results Project #1: Flop

The launch of has been a flop. The first KPI is far from being fulfilled. 18 spaces signed up but almost none of them edited their landing page. The first one that did, completely ignored the guidelines and did not even include a link to their site even after telling them about it. The […]

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