Flop: Sales Acceleration

The sales acceleration project has been a real flop. BIGF Method My biggest effort was on the BIGF Method and it did not really pay much: one extra paying customer and only 26 free customers. I reached out to my contacts, got a post about my ideation method published in Spain, run ads on Quora […]

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New Project: Sales Acceleration

I’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy the summer break with my family and to think about the challenge. A lot of doubts have assaulted my head and heart, mainly regarding the validity of my approach and what to do next. If you are reading my emails, you know that I’ve struggled a bit […]

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My First 12 Week Year in Review

Since the launch of my first 12 week year a lot of things have happened and I’ve been able to continue churning out projects as part of my challenge. 12 Week Year One Results Overall, this has been a successful 12 week year, with a lot of learning and launching. The total score for year […]

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New Project: Shooting Journal

Since the last time… Last week I spent time going through my business ideation framework and came up with twenty some new ideas easily. I also came up with new questions accelerate the process. The time frame was too short to be able to really work on improving the framework a lot, but at least […]

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