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The Betagroup Coworking Brussels is proud to host the worlwide premiere of the brand new translation in French of the Lean Startup and Customer Development bible: The Four Steps to the Epiphany, now also known as Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie.When Antoine Bruyns contacted us, we knew instantly that we had to do it. He’s an example of the kind of entrepreneurial individual that makes things happen: he contacted Steve Blank and offered to do the translation. Then, he has spent a lot of hours after his job to help with the promotion of this concepts in French.

Don’t let the title misslead you, this book synthesizes the basic steps to bring a product to market, nothing to do with religion.

I, Ramon, have a lot of interest in everything Lean Startup  and Customer Development, and so do a lot of the entrepreneurial minds around the Betagroup. This is the perfect opportunity for the CustDev & Lean Startup communities to get together in Brussels.

The presentation will be followed by the glorious drinks and chips that fit so well the Betagroup events.
Buy the book! Achetez Les 4 ??tapes vers l’??piphanie !
PS: on the 23 we will be hosting the livecast of the 2011 Startup Lessons Learned, with Eric Ries, Steve Blank and many more.

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