How to Introduce a Friend to Social Media

I have received a request from a friend for an introduction to social media: 

… please send me some references for: the effective use of social media for professional purposes – twitter, facebook, etcetera. The purposess could be promotion and campaigning but also image building etcetera. Of course everyone could make an account and start feeding in and trying to build audience but what would make it work?   ….Any help appreciated! 🙂

The request is rather large, a lot more than you can explain over a couple cups of tea. 
To get her started I suggested the following 

Start with this, it should be more than enough to get you going: 

  • 2 Tips: don’t fear trying and try (open accounts and experience the different social media) , think! (common sense) 

  • The tools to use and the way way to use them depend on the objectives and the target audience. Think about objective and audience first.

  • Read the book: Marketing to the Social Web (by Larry Weber) . This will give you the introduction and insight you need. It really is worth it. 

  • Your main refference: (there ara a lot of other good blogs out ther but this is a really good start). 


What would you suggest? 

One response

  1. Don’t get into social media to market stuff. Join the conversation because you believe in it, visibility will follow.

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