Lo??c Le Meur & LeWeb10 (interview)


This year I will be participating in LeWeb as a correspondent for Loogic, a prominent Spanish blog about Internet entrepreneurship. With this in mind, I’ve taken advantage to interview some internet figures like the organizer of LeWeb himself (Loïc Le Meur), the CEO of Weblogs SL (Julio Alonso), and the CEO of Hipertextual (Eduardo Arcos, to be published soon).

These are the responses given by Loïc to the short questionnary I sent him. He was really quick tp answer!


What is LeWeb like for Loïc Le Meur?

LeWeb is a tool box for the european entpreneur: from the inspiration to find ideas to start a business to networking with Google, Microsoft or Facebook and raising angel or VC money. They can do it all during two days. This year we even have a “how to get acquired” panel to help them understand how to sell their business if they like. I am very proud that every year many entrepreneurs start their business after LeWeb, raise funding or become successful, that is what LeWeb is about. Helping entrepreneurs.


Which are the top 3 reasons for a young/aspiring entrepreneur to attend?

Find ideas, find business and partnerships with the only networking space in the World that brings them so many contacts from 60 countries in two days, raise funding…


Which are the main trends that you think will capture the most of attention?

Mobile platforms and opportunities (we have the founder of Rovio behind Angry Birds explaining how he made $4 million in revenue on a mobile app), social around Facebook and Twitter which is still full of opportunities with social commerce that hasn’t really started and of course social gaming with Zynga…


What are the highlights of this years’ edition?

16 startups were selected to present on stage and they are all great, it should be a great show to watch them pitch the participants and the judges. We also have this year a new format of 10 “ignite” talks where participants will give a 5 min talk with auto-rotating slides every 15 seconds, that should be very entertaining! Finally, lots of futuristic talks with Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, Solar Impule’s Bertrand Piccard and his solar plane, a thought controlled computing demo…


Any hints on things coming that are not yet announced?

It has become a tradition that all the big guys Facebook, Google, Microsoft announce news on stage so you never know what to expect, LeWeb has become a news machine during 48 hours with hundreds of tech reporters and journalists in the room. Oh and get ready for the participants to enjoy one of the best known DJ on the planet, Bob Sinclar, who will mix for them during the party!


How would you recommend to face the LeWeb experience?

We have a great networking tool this year, Presdo Match that participants seem to love to prepare their meetings and see who they want to hang out with, spend time in it. We also have mobile apps on Android, Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone and WP7 which let you browse the program and the participants. Monitor #leweb and #leweb10 on twitter…

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