One of the things that I have to improve to get my projects off the ground is project management. Among the books I’ve been reading, one has really hit home: Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results.

The title is self explanatory. To work with your OKR (Objectives and Key Results) they recommend having a mission statement for the company to guide you.

My experience with the Mission, Vision and Values of Betacowork was very positive and helpful. So I thought that maybe I can have a mission statement for myself.

Even if I’m not a company, I do have a mission and at times I lose my heading. Having a mission for the long term helps keep everything aligned in the short term. Writing it down makes it much easier to refer to it and to keep it in mind.

I already wrote one for me as a competitive shooter to motivate and drive me. So I thought to give it a try and start with this as my professional mission:

Find new sources of revenue and business ideas in Internet and knowledge products by executing new business projects and learning from practice.

I know, I know… The wording is a bit convoluted, but even if I change it to something more readable the core won’t change (unless there’s a major and probably traumatic event in my life).

As always, helpful advice is appreciated and sought after!

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