Dear Android handset manufacturers:??

I understand that you would like to lock-in your users with something more than the hardware you produce, which risks being completely commoditized soon. But please, do yourself and your users a favor and stop screwing up the interface of Android. The user experience with Android needs a lot of refinement still and you are only subtracting from it.??

If you really want to keep a healthy business and prevail over other systems like Apple’s iPhone, what you should do is create an umbrella organization together with Google to help each other produce the best Android interface on earth that will work with all the different devices you make.

Believe it or not you and Google have a thing or two to learn or stop ignoring from other operating systems like Linux (the best example) and Microsoft Windows (the more popular example): simplify the updating process for the operating system by eliminating all your unnecessary meddling (and now that you are up to it, also that of the telecom operators which just add an extra layer of incompetency and user neglect). Just have one source of updates. Your participation only adds unnecessary steps and delays.

With your efforts to screw-up the interface the only thing that you are producing is frustration with Android, your brands and your handsets. You are pushing your clients to your competitors, not among yourselves but to alternative operating systems and handsets like those produced by RIM (Blackberry) and Apple (iPhone).??

So please do everyone a favor and unify your interface efforts. I bet you can do better than a D in your own business and keep us, your clients, happily locked-in because of the quality of your hardware and the operating system running on it.??

Best regards,??

Ram??n Su??rez

PS:??Google’s Android team in cc.