I stress over the calendar. I know I have an issue with it and that probably feeds the loop. No matter how many tools I use there’s something in me that just makes me stress about setting up and not missing appointments. The worst I’ve done (in terms of time difference) is showing up to an event a month in advance. I’ve also missed a couple flights, but I managed to fix it quick (thanks media production experience!)

A few minutes ago I went into full on calendar panic. I was creating a webinar event, with its form, blog post and social media messages. I thought everything was alright, checked my calendar a couple times to make sure there was no mistake and published everything. And then I freaked out.

Somehow I must have clicked on the week after in Google Calendar and saw that at the same time I should be in a three day shooting competition in the Netherlands. I cannot help it, I have trouble with full time events that just show up on the top part of the calendar, I do not see them.

Fear got a hold on me and I did not see nor think about the dates. All I could think of is yet another calendar screw up. So I deleted everything and published messages all around owning my mistake.

But there was no mistake. The date was good and my competition is a week later. I freaked out and that’s what caused the mistake. My lack of confidence in dealing with appointments in my calendar is what caused the freak out.

The best thing I can do now is relax, be kind to myself and see how I can get over this fear. Tips are welcome.

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