Tirarse a la piscina (jumping into the pool), a great Spanish expression for daring. Image by Oliver Sjöström.

These are the projects I’m working on as part of my entrepreneurship challenge. I will be updating the links as I move on with each project (you can also check the Progress Report category):

  1. Free Coworking Community Webinarcoworking.space directory: a free directory of sales oriented landing pages for coworking spaces.
  2. Launch
  3. Update
  4. Results
  5. Email list reactivation & segmentation automation: learning the dynamics and some tools while segmenting my contacts.
  6. Launch
  7. Update after first week
  8. Partial update after two weeks
  9. Update
  10. Final results
  11. Fiverr repurposing, outsourcing and automation: How to get more juice out of the content I already have.
  12. Launch
  13. Update after first week
  14. Fiverr results
  15. Coworking community course: help coworking space operators succeed with their businesses. It will have a special focus on sales and go beyond what I’ve already shared in The Coworking Handbook. It will probably be video based.
  16. Launch
  17. Update
  18. Diving deep
  19. Outline
  20. Getting over Procrastination and Creator’s Block
  21. Fail #2: Deadlines and Video
  22. Project Morphing: Online Text Course
  23. Free Coworking Community Webinar
  24. A course to grow you coworking space online community
  25. Ins and Outs of the Coworking Course Launch
  26. Fail # 3: Coworking Course Post-Mortem
  27. Business idea generation matrix/framework/method: help entrepreneurs come up with a lot of ideas to launch their next business. I’m not sure about how to better define it. I’m mostly for the framework. Most probably a text based course.
  28. ISSF 10m Air Pistol course: help people get started in shooting with the best of what I’ve learned. It is very hard to find somebody to teach you how to do things correctly, and it really pays. Introductory course, not for seasoned athletes that need a coach (which is also extremely hard to find).

Don’t miss out on updates.

This list will change and move around! The objective is to develop new businesses and to learn, not to strictly follow a list.


These are projects that I keep on working on beyond the entrepreneurship challenge but that are linked to it and that help feed creativity and energy into each other.

I also have a list of things I want to learn and improve through practice.

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