The Digital Creativity area of Campus Party Europe could not have had a better start. This morning Paul Bennet and Ben Hammersley have given two very interestin presentations about design innovation and the future of Internet. These are the highlights I have retained:

Paul Bennet “Design Innovation”

IDEO’s journey current stage is Framing: design redefines the challenges facing organizations.

Design is about change, impact and optimism.

Now dealing with bigger issues: design of everyday life, social interactions & behaviors, countries and societies.

Design with, not for.

Quick test to see if in good path (function) then design.

It is not about Can Do it is about Should Do. Does it make sense?

Not fan of big ideas (complicated) , fan of small ideas.

Obsessed with learning

Ben Hammersley, “Redefyning everything”

Geeks won:we are popular now.

We can see this just by measuring the amount of screens around us: ???glowin rectangles everywhere???.

Screens that don’t interact are broken. Anything that is flat is a screen. People want to interact with everything.

Anything is remixable, reusable.

Geeks Kill Industries: travel, music, movie distribution, newspapers…

New geeks will kill the old geeks

New revolution is not in hardware is about doing cool stuff on the Internet.

Data becomes all important.

Borders are increasingly weird: it doesn’t really matter where we are

x-shifting is the norm

Anything that’s not based on this last three elements is dead-

Internet is not going to go away.