As part of my entrepreneurship challenge, I’m now dipping my toes into email marketing automation to take advantage of all the contacts I’ve collected through the years and try to deliver value to them based on their interests.

So far I’ve imported over 25.000 contacts to Mautic and a few of the imports are still on hold. There will have to be a major cleaning afterwards. I feel a bit like the star of Going Postal, overwhelmed by the amount of mail to deliver. (Yes, I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan thanks to Leo Exter.) I’m not sure how many I should be delivering everyday, but it will have to be big to go through all.

What I’m trying to do with this learning experiment is to segment all the contacts that are interested in following up with certain subjects, to be able to deliver the appropriate content to each one of them from the multiple sources where I create among our shared interests. Ideally I will learn how to deliver this content at the best time, going beyond newsletters.

On top of this, I will be catching up with a lot of you and revitalizing my network. I like to have a computer assist me into launching meaningful interactions and taking over when I add value. I tried a while ago with a CRM that did not live up to its promisses, but the premise still fully resonates with me.

Some of you may be saying:

But I don’t think I’m a naughty boy. I’m offering a genuine opportunity to catch up and to send content based on the interests of the people that have gone through my inbox. I’ve organized so many events and initiatives that I have a lot of contacts. Most of those initiatives where volunteering and I have already proven the quality of my value delivery.

If you get an email from me asking for your interests it means that it is working!

If not, you can always signup here to receive information from me about the interests that we have in common.

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