Finally! It has taken a lot longer than expected, but the orders I submitted to Fiverr have been completed.

The results are… okayish at best. The one I’m unhappiest about is also the one that took more interactions (way too many).

Here are the two info graphics I ordered. Same information on both:

The blue one is too corporate, but it beats the other one by far, although the artist missed the vibe. I don’t feel like I want to use the second one in its image, presentation or video form (the later two I got without asking for them and you can see below).

The one I’m happier about is the one that required less creative work. I submitted a file with 99 quotes and phrases about coworking that I want to use in social media and the blog posts at

I think there’s sharing potential in these and that they can improve some of my coworking blogposts. Now I just have to rename them all and find an easy way to schedule them in Pinterest and Instagram.

What do YOU think?

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