First Startup Weekend in Belgium

Launch Your Startup in 54 hours

For the first time in Belgium, 80 people will get together in Brussels to turn their ideas into running startups over the course of the Startup Weekend Brussels: from idea to startup in just 54 hours.

Startup Weekend starts on Friday evening with participants presenting (pitching) their startup ideas. The participants (a mix of developers, designers, and business professionals) vote on the best ideas. From those selected 10 teams are formed and work begins until Sunday evening, when a working prototype and validated business concept are presented to the jury, a panel of investors and business people. The full winning team will win their seats in the Founders Institute spring programme.

Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon: over 500 startups have been kicked off and over 15,000 entrepreneurs have been inspired. Some startups went on to raise funds from Business Angels or Venture Capitalists, and some even started to generate revenue during the 54hr event.

Who is ir for?

Entrepreneurs, developpers, designers, marketeers, financers,attorneys, PR professionals… Everyone that wants to turn an idea into something real in just a weekend.

Mentors and Jury

38 business leaders, investors and professionals will be assisting their participants with their real life business experience. Among others: Ben Piquard (Microsoft), Brice Le Blevenec (Emakina), Bart Becks (SonicAngels), Harley Lovegrove (Bayard Parnership), Sidsel Grae (SAM Headhunting), and David Hachez (RazWar, winner of the Bizz Starter Award.)


Startup Weekend Brussels is a volunteer event organized by Leo Exter, Ramon Suarez, Greg Gentschev, and Benedicte Duhaut.

Press contact

Ramón Suárez


Phone: +32497556284

Event Info

· Dates: Friday January 28th – Sunday January 30th 2011.

· Venue: Betagroup Coworking Brussels at ICAB, rue des Pères Blancs 4, 1040, Brussels.

· Event hours:

* Friday 18:00 to 24:00

* Saturday 08:30 to 4:00 AM

* Sunday 08:30 to 24:00

· Site :

· Register :

· Twitter : Hashtag #swbru

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