Meditation has had a profound positive impact in my life. Being more aware is bringing a lot of improvements to my actions and feelings. It has improved my work, my personal relationships and my sport practice. I enjoy the benefits of awareness/mindfulness meditation.

I started meditating in 2015 with a book and it was okayish, but when I started using the HeadSpace app I really felt the difference. After doing the fist 10 sessions I noticed that something had already changed in me.

Since then I’ve been meditating on and off, tried other apps (none of them really worked for me), never really making a full week. I thought of it as yet another thing to do, an extra task and burden on my day, even though I know it has a lot of benefits for me. I even completely stopped for a while when I was burned out.

For the last few months I’ve been meditating more often, regularly but not daily. Now I’ve decided to meditate every day. I hope this will become like brushing my teeth, something I do every day automatically, without even thinking, and that I can’t leave the house without doing it.

To help me succeed (and start the day with a success that motivates me and sets a positive mood) I’ve set 7 am as my meditation time. My son’s alarm is set for 7h15, and this way I have just enough time to do a 10 minute meditation. If I cannot get to do it then (babies and little kids do not follow very regular schedules), I do it as soon as I can. It can be a walking meditation, a commuting standing meditation, or the first thing I do when I arrive to the coworking space I work at (directly at my desk, I don’t mind the people in the room). My objective is not doing a number of minutes per day, but to do it every day. Some days I’ll do multiple meditation sessions, other days I’ll do a very short one. Meditation has to work for me, not me for meditation.

I’ve been also using a password for my computers to ingrain it in my brain, reminding me that I meditate every day. Changing my password every few weeks is a nice hack to help me get some stuff done and to do some psychological preparation for my sport.

The app reminders are helpful when I cannot meditate in the morning not to forget, but they don’t really entice me to meditate.

So far I’ve managed to meditate for 44 days in a row. My objective is to make it to a full year, but in the meantime I set myself shorter term objectives, like getting to 50, 75, 90…

What I’m struggling with is remembering to do the mindful moments during the day. I’m just too focused on whatever I’m doing and forget about it.

If you want to try HeadSpace, use these links and codes you get one month free to test it out: REW15-XQN0MO and REW30-CUASVV. The first 10 meditations are free anyway. Other apps that people use are Calm (free) and Méditer avec Petit BamBou (in French, also free).

Try them all and see which one suits you best. I prefer Andy’s voice 🙂

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