So far the meditation challenge is going well. I’ve gotten to 100 days in a row and I’m quite happy about it.

Not a habit yet

Although I’ve managed to do so many days of continuous meditation practice it is not yet a habit (and I really wish it was). The 21 days rule is not working for me at all.

Not being able to do it every day at the same time because of the ever changing schedule of parenting makes it really hard to stick and adds a bit of angst, of fear of missing a day.

It has happened already at least three nights that I’ve gone to bed to sleep and I luckily realized I had not done my meditation that day. I find that these fear of missing a day is unhelpful, but I still want to get to 365 days of uninterrupted practice.

Challenge = Monkey Mind

The most challenging thing happening in my meditations since I started the entrepreneurship challenge is my monkey mind going all over the place. My mind is bubbling with new ideas and things to do and this makes it really hard to focus and to stay in the now. After so many days I’m still having a lot of different thoughts, but the monkey is slowly calming down.

On the upside, I’m much better at getting back into the present moment and at being kinder to myself 🙂

What I’m getting out of it

So far keeping my daily meditation has been great. It has boosted my confidence in myself and it is helping me be more open and deal better with many situations. I’m far from perfect but I’m getting better at many things and I’m in the way to more improvement.

Seeing the number of days going up every day gives me a nice small success to build on but it is not a personal goal in itself. This feels a bit wrong though: the number should not really matter, it is a shiny object. What matters is the positive impact that meditation has in my life.