One of the projects that I want to launch in the very near future is my Business Idea Generation Framework. I think that the best thing I can do right now is to go through it again and do an idea sprint until Friday to:

  1. Come out with new project ideas for the challenge.
  2. Improve the framework itself and think about how to best deliver it.

My first sprint ended with 145 ideas in the list and I’ve added 21 more since then. I keep them all in a spreadsheet that is very helpful to filter them out by my criteria: Make, Learn, Invest, Drop, and also to mark some as done and remove them from the list of ideas yet to be made.

Revisiting this list is also a good way to get my mind primed for developing new ideas and sometimes even upgrading one to the supreme Make category.


So, I give myself until Friday to produce and filter down to maximum 10 ideas to make. Then on Monday I will announce the one I’ll be doing as the next challenge project.

The next meeting of my mastermind group will be in a couple weeks. It will be helpful to set goals for that project.

Other projects

There will not be many hours dedicated to this every day, that’s part of the method. To improve my creativity I have to give my diffuse thinking a chance, and that means jumping through different tasks, books, people, and time to walk and think about many things.

One of the things I really want to progress with is the use of spreadsheets, finishing this amazing Google Spreadsheets course by Ben L. Collins.

Another thing I want to learn about is affiliate marketing to sell my own products and other people’s products, so I will be doing some researching and account opening.

Last Friday I started selling the coworking handbook PDF and also the pre-sales of the Manual del coworking (the Spanish version of the book). I will have to do some promotion for these. To do this I have to improve my knowledge of online advertising. I will start with this Facebook ads course.

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