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Coworking Courses

This week I launched a poll to the members of The Coworking Handbook Newsletter asking them for their priorities for a coworking course: sales or community. The answer was a clear both, so I’ve started both of them.

To learn the ropes and get my hand dirtied I’ve chosen to go first with the coworking community course. It is much shorter than the sales course so it will be easier to finish and launch it. The knowledge I get from this one will be used for the sales course.

The outline of the coworking course is ready. I’m sure it will be modified as soon as I get down to recording and writing the lessons, but I think it is well structured to deliver a lot of practical value. It looks like I will be launching this course in Udemy.

For the sales course, I’ve sent the marketing chapter of The Coworking Handbook to Panos, founder of LearnWorlds and early backer of the book who kindly offered to give me a hand in reply to a newsletter email. His team is working with the chapter to help me out and kick start the course content and structure.

To get the launch deals for this courses, signup to the The Coworking Handbook Newsletter.

Email Reactivation and Segmentation

To improve the quality of the list, I cleaned it again through an online service and reduced it by another couple thousand contacts to over nine thousand. There are still a lot of bounces from emails that do not exist any more. My mailbox has emails at least for the last 15 years, so that was to be expected. That the validation services are not good at weeding these out is not.

I’m now sending 1500 emails a day. Contrary to what it says in the mail merge add-on I’m using, the counter does not reset at a specific time. Google is using rolling 24 hours, so I have to be more mindful of the time I stop sending emails.

The add-on has let down my original understanding and expectations. I have to launch it manually every day and leave the sheet open. There’s no support and my email got blocked for a while because I had sent two thousand emails in 24h due to faulty information. But it is working, which is good.

With over five thousand emails sent the response in my mailbox has been very positive and I’m caching up with the few that respond and I’m really enjoying it. Only one person has complained. To make sure people understand that the list will not be used again I’ve added that the list will self destruct after sending, so they should not fear getting more emails to that address.

The domain I’m using ( is not tagged as spam by the servers I’m tracking. Some people are signing up to be updated and the automations are working great to send them to the different accounts and lists based on their choices.

Meditation Goals

I’m meditating every day and have managed to do so for 69 days on a row, but I think I got the intermediary goals wrong. The ultimate goal of meditating for a year is good, but the only goal that really matters is to meditate today. This is a daily challenge, every day matters. The intermediary goals I’d thought of are more rewards than goals in themselves.

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