I hope this list will give you a easier perspective on the things I do beyond my way too large CV.

Internet websites and projects

  • Olympic Pistol: a website for competitive pistol shooters where I share insights, coaching, reviews, and useful content.
  • Coworking Handbook: my manual for how to launch and run sustainable coworking spaces, including useful resources for the coworking owners and managers community.
  • Entrepreneurship Challenge: launch at least one business related project a month. I stopped when I decided to pursue olympicpistol.com.
  • Betacowork: what’s left of my posts at my coworking space in Brussels, a milestone for coworking in Belgium.
  • Blog Bruselas: an archive of my first blog where I started experimenting and sharing my love for the city of Brussels.
  • BigF Method: a framework to come up with new business ideas and to choose which ones to pursue.
  • Fight Hate Not Sport: an initiative to improve the image of sport shooters and the perception of the sport through merchandising and an online shop to spread the message.