Ramon’s Madrid Top 10 Eating and Drinking Spots

Here’s the list of my favorite places to eat and drink in Madrid, my much loved hometown. They are all either in the center of the city or within a short bus ride. There are a hell of a lot more good places and you will see that the city is very lively around socializing in bars and restaurants, and above all night life.

  1. My favorite restaurant to eat traditional typical food (like my grandma would cook it) is Casa Ciriaco (C/ Mayor 84.)
  2. The best fried cod tapas in Madrid are served at?? La Revuelta (C/ Latoneros 3.)
  3. For more modern tapas and very close to La Revuelta the best place is?? Casa Lucas (Cava Baja 30 ). It is very lively around this street and the Cava Alta, especially on Sundays’ early afternoon. The area is known as La Latina.??
  4. By Casa Lucas you will find a very good typical restaurant: Casa Lucio (Cava Baja 35.)
  5. Not in the center but excellent for quality Gallician food is the restaurant Pazo Coru??a (C/ de P??o Baroja, 6). It is fully worth the trip, but watch out for their enormous servings.
  6. For the truly greasy, cheap and excellent experience which is also?? typical from Madrid you should try the fried calamari sandwiches served in the bars located in the alleys that lead to the Plaza Mayor.
  7. There’s a new tapas and wine space with many different stands In the old market Mercado de San Miguel (Pza. de San Miguel), right by Plaza Mayor.
  8. For an extraordinary cocido (Madrid’s chick-pea casserole) and not far from the center you should go to La Daniela (C/ General Pardi??as 21). Don’t try this if you are not hungry!??
  9. A good andalousian and traditional wine bar is La Venencia (C/ Echegaray 7) There’s not much to eat, except for Mojama and fried almonds, but you can taste excellent Fino and Manzanilla wines among others while getting a taste of what the old Madrid was like.
  10. For excellent paellas and other rice dishes, Arroceria Casa de Valenca is a the best (Paseo del Pintor Rosales 58).

If you have time and can read Spanish, I recommend taking a look at the Madrid Tapas’ Guide by Pisto y Nopisto (a refined eating and drinking blog) and this very complete tapas guide.


Enjoy my top 10 and your time in Madrid 🙂

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