Samsung Pico Projector: a Step in the Right Direction

During the presentation of the latest Samsung products in Brussels, I fell in love with a couple geeky gadgets and the first one was the Samsung pico projector SP-H03. The fact of being able to play with a projector that fit the palm of my hand was just mesmerizing.

Luckily, I have been able to test it. I find it to be a step in the right direction: pico projectors in our mobile phones and tablets.

Looking at the pictures of their suggested uses I can just not imagine any sales person using it to do a presentation projected against a binder. First of all, the projection would not be much bigger than the screen of a tablet, and for that the efect would be much better with an iPad or one of Samsung’s tablets.

Second, because it is made with led light projectors it has a great autonomy, but can not be used if there’s sun light for larger projections than a computer screen. This is a problem common to all leds that I also have in my diving lamps: they just don’t work under sunlight. The good thing is that the moment you use them at night or in a close space with artificial light (like in the picture) the projector is powerful enough to give crisp images of close to 2 meters wide. Bigger than that it looses focus, but can still be an enjoyable experience for leisure projections (in my case watching Outsorced in bed projected about 4 meters wide in the wall.) The loss of focus was annoying at first but the size of the screen made for a great watching experience.

My feeling about it is that it is a great geek toy, but not a gadget to use professionally.

Do any of you use it for business?

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