Speaking at Droidcon Belgium 2011 in just a few hours

Ram??n Su??rez

BetaGroup coworking space
Ram??n is a mobile junkie that pays for his addiction as an Internet business and marketing strategist. He has a flair for the promotion of Belgian entrepreneurship at home and abroad, and was first introduced to it by the BetaGroup, where he fell under the spell of the thriving community of developers, marketeers, entrepreneurs and other breeds of the World Wide Web. Since then he has been an active promoter of the Webmission and he has become a BetaGroup adviser. He is a founding partner of the BetaGroup coworking space in Brussels.

My presentation: Handheld Hormones

2 responses

  1. The will be audio or video for outsiders?

  2. Great question. Was there any?

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