Startup Market Research: Video & Slides by Adeo Ressi

Are you planning to launch your own startup? This presentation by Adeo Ressi can help you do the basic market research

What market are you pursuing? Is it big enough? Is it growing or shrinking? What are the other characteristics of your market, and why do you care? How do you find data on your market? How do you define your competitors? What are inexpensive tactics to do custom market research? How can you determine if you can win in your target market, and when do you decide to walk away? This is part of the Founder Institute startup incubation and acceleration program, also happening in Brussels.

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  1. Hi Ramon. Went through the entire presentation and got some useful insights for myself. Just one thing, not about the content, but the embed: the iframe is just a wee bit too small for the post. Perhaps a link to the original could be added as well. 😉

  2. Ramon, thanks for embedding 9Slides talk.Stijn: here is link to original

  3. Thanks ruchitgarg, I was looking for the link right now. Is there a way to reduce the presentation so that it fits? I changed the size in the iframe, but you can see the result…

  4. Hi Ramon, we need to make our embed code more dimension agnostic…will be working on it to improve experience. if share your email id, we can keep you posted once every 2-3 weeks. You can reach me at

  5. Thanks but I’m trying to get out of all email lists. Keep it up!

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