Sync video presentations with slides (Omnisio alternatives)


Since Google bought and closed down Omnisio, I’ve been looking for alternatives to make videos where I could easily synchronise the slides (PowerPoint, OpenOffice or KeyNote) with the video of the speaker’s presentation, principally for uploading them to YouTube, but eventually also for screencasting.

There are several alternatives to omnisio

  • Use an online tool like Vcasmo or Zentation.
  • Convert the presentation to images and then insert it in the video with a non-linear video editor (I use KDEnlive, here you have a manual for Microsoft Producer). This can be complicated, but it offers more control. Check this video tutorials to learn the basics.

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6 thoughts on “Sync video presentations with slides (Omnisio alternatives)

  1. Thanks for the tip, it looks really good. Do you know if they will be releasing something usable soon?

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