Webmission: The Belgians Are Coming!

Webmission: The Belgians Are Coming!

What is a Webmission

A Webmission is a delegation of Belgian Web, Tech & Mobile entrepreneurs that travel abroad to promote their companies and to network, taking advantage of an international Internet/Tech event and the secondary happenings around it.


To promote Belgian Web, Tech & Mobile entrepreneurship abroad, by increasing its visibility and international network.


We want to establish a longterm sustainable project around the Webmission Academy, to multiply, better organize, and better prepare future Webmissions.

Who are we?

We are a group of entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, developers and Tech enthusiasts from the three regions of Belgium that have voluntarily joined forces to promote the many good ideas and projects that are brewing in the country.

We gather and promote the Webmissions from the Beta Group as a starting point to reach the whole of the Belgian Web & Tech industry.

The Beta Group is the more important Web entrepreneurship networking event in Belgium. It gathers more than 300 people every month for the presentation of Startups and has over 2200 members.


The original Webmission was a grassroots collaborative effort by some Belgian Startups to travel to San Francisco in May 2009 to attend conferences, share ideas, meet fellow entrepreneurs and pitch to VCs.

Webmission 1: Google I/O (San Francisco, USA) – May 2009

Laurent Eschenauer was invited to Google I/0 to present his project: Storytlr. With the support of Xavier Damman, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity and rally a group of entrepreneurs and journalists to go with them to San Francisco. Among other things, together with Antoine Perdaens they organized a special Beta Group in San Francisco to present Belgian companies in collaboration with SFNewtech and with the support of AWEX and Sun Startup Essentials. So far, 12 entrepreneurs joined the trip and 6 start-ups presented their products at the SF new Tech meeting. Some of them had an opportunity to present their project in front of VCs at the Plug&Play annual conference and also to join the first twitter developer conference.

With their example of collaborative work, they set up a proactive model for others to follow.

Webmission 2: Evento Blog Espa??a 09 (Sevilla, Spain) – November 2009

Inspired by the previous Webmission, Ram??n Su??rez contacted the organizers of Evento Blog Espa??a (the second biggest Web event in Europe) and created a special section in the event dedicated to European Entrepreneurship, which focused in this first year on Belgian entrepreneurs. A group of 20 Belgian entrepreneurs traveled to Sevilla to present and discuss their ideas and meet key stakeholders of the Spanish speaking Web entrepreneur world. The presentation of the 6 Belgian companies was a success and was presented as an example to follow for Spanish companies when traveling abroad.

This Webmission saw an increase in the degree of organization and the effort to create greater public impact.

Webmission 3 (in preparation): Google I/O 2010 (San Francisco, USA) – May 2009

Taking advantage of this year's Google I/0 event, a group of entrepreneurs is organizing a new Webmission to San Francisco, lead by Antoine Perdaens , Jean Derely , Ram??n Su??rez, Kindja J. Lwabandji and Xavier Damman.

The organization of this Webmission is in its early stages. We are currently organizing a new Beta Group event "The Belgians are back" in collaboration with SFNewtech. Our goal is to create a delegation of 20 entrepreneurs, journalists and enthusiasts and to have at least 6 companies presenting at the joint event.

We need help to…

  • Find sponsors for the events and organization expenses.
  • Better promote the Webmissions at home and abroad.
  • Have rooms to organize seminars and organization meetings.
  • Have a small office to centralize the organization of events.
  • Buy an elementary video equipment to create more and better videos for Internet promotion and documentation.

This is the executive summary of the Webmission that we are sending out to promote our next mission to San Franciso in May 2010, together with three article examples. It is a working document and as such will be evolving. The list of candidates to present their companies is growing and so is the group of entrepreneurs that will also come along but do not have a project to present in a public event.

Would you like to join?


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